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This is me :)

This is just a really simple skin I made for myself so that I wouldn't be considered a noob on Minecraft. Personally, I think it's one of the greatest games on the planet.

My skin features a generic green hoodie with the noise texture pattern. I just drew all over with the "Autotone" feature and I have a decent-looking jacket.

I always have blue jeans on IRL, so I kept the theme here. No shorts! Once again, I just went wild with autotone. Same thing for the shoes, just some light gray shoes like the ones I wear in real life.

In 2020, I added the mask for obvious reasons. If I could, I'd make a mod that adds them to the game. That way, you can still wear ir without having to mess with your skin


This page uses Visage to show you what my skin looks like at this moment. Each time I update it in-game, you'll see it here.

2020 Refresh

I decided to redesign my skin on September 26, 2020. This is a small refresh to the familiar face. Now, the hoodie has been moved to the outer later to feature a tee shirt underneath it with "55" on the front. 55 is the atomic number for Cesium, so I think you know why I chose it. The mask was then changed to blue with black straps to match what I have now. Also, my shoes were changed to black to match my current shoes, too.

I hope you enjoy this refresh!

The Turtle Cape

Oh yeah, I also have a cape.

I saw this free cape and decided to apply it. It's just one of those random things I've picked up over the years.

I've never actually been to minecon, so I'm just using a mod to view the cape. If you want to see me with the cape or get one yourself, head over to the Minecraft Capes website. It's a mod that you install on Fabric or Forge that gives you a cape and lets you see others with capes. Enjoy!

Oh, this does use my old skin. I should change this soon...